Hello fellow theme park fan,

I have now visited more than 250 theme parks in over 50 countries since 2007. Traveling has become my way of life.

You probably think I am a multimillionaire. I'm not. I just learned, with time, how to book smartly. I stayed in some of the world's best hotels for 3-star rates and flew to four continents for prices as low as $2,500. I kid you not. A combination of price comparisons, discount vouchers and other measures does the job.

What I always craved was a travel site that caters to restless travelers and theme park geeks like me, so I decided to set this up. This is not just another generic travel site. Here you'll find advice you won't get anywhere else, plus a theme park ticket and hotel price comparison. It really works for all, families, couples and solo travelers, for unlimited and humble budgets. I stayed in both hostels and Hyatts, and sometimes I pay less for a St. Regis than others pay for an Ibis.

If you really follow - not just read - the tips and suggestions on this site you will get the absolute best value for your theme park discovery trips. And not only the best value, but also the best experience! I guarantee you that, and I'm confident to that extent that I am happy to hear from you 24h on my private mobile phone +971 55 6678108 if this site is NOT making your life better.

I hope you'll find it useful!

The Theme Park Guy